You sound just like my…

You sound just like my…

You seem just like my partner I’m right female but partner was slipping things away over the past 12 months, ive finally placed puzzle together he understands i understand and he too seems at all what sex you are as long as your honest with your self and those around you it is excepted today but bk in day wasn’t so you can imagine the dark secret both my partners had to carry, yes it messed with my head but I get it now just didn’t expect it twice over, gets done help cancelling therpy for exceptance if I’m honest there’s more gays lesbians in this world that meets the ear, not many straight people left but you are what you are just need to except like you, yers I was very confused but I’ve been here before same thing with partner, very fked up in head angry with them selfs cos they were worried how the world would think of them, I have a son who gay and his s bright button but today it’s excepted, it don’t bother me

Many thanks for publishing this, …

Many thanks for publishing this, it certainly means lot and requirements to be spoken about. I simply read another article about psychological LGBTQ and health youth, https: //www. Ez. Insure/2020/05/lgbtq-youth-mental-health/. It gets pretty deep and also the depression and suicide prices are unsettling. Many thanks once again for speaking about this and i am hoping it assists other people and obtain them to speak with others.


I have experienced panic attacks for near to 20 years. Seven months ago it hit a peak that i possibly could not any longer manage. I will be quite comfortable within my epidermis being a homosexual man. I am out for thirty years. I remain true for many into the LGBTQ community. I do not understand where you can get from here. I’m no further strong.

I’m afraid for my 14yr. Old son.

He is just more than i will ever ask for in a youngster. Smarter beyond his years, at minimum for college. We are able to talk all day. I think their mom and I also already knew. When he confirmed it, absolutely nothing actually changed, for over an hour. Then we found on his computer and phone he had been chatting and meeting up with much older men except we started noticing all of a sudden he would just disappear like he was walking up to the store, but wouldn’t see him. Taking stuff away is futile for him. Speaking isn’t doing any such thing. I will be afraid for their life. Neither his mother perhaps maybe not i am aware everything we may do. We accept him, we have been perhaps not rich, but have attempted to give him everything he requires plus some desires. I work on a restaurant, their mom works at an workplace.

Committing Suicide

My buddy is a within the cabinet gay, the key problem is that he’s religous and thinks homosexuality is just a sin that is grave. Its killing him inside out and aside from the suicidal thoughts and speech, he literally loves and hates their family members as also spiritual and find out it being a criminal activity. We have no concept how to handle it but I’m terrified hes going to get it done. Any recommendations?


I am 25, We presently reside with my boyfriend in which he really wants to propose. I adore him but I do not feel intimately drawn to him. We now have intends to purchase a home year that is hopefully next. He knows we identify as Bisexual but this i’ve been more sexually attracted to girls year. I’ve just kissed girls and absolutely nothing more. I constantly stated i might settle with a man because its better to have young ones and my mum will be happy and I also thought i might. Im stressed this may he a stage and I also do not want to discard just just what I have actually because then i will have lost everything if it was a phase. He could be my companion and I also do not wish to harm him in which he could be the only man I’m able to see myself engaged and getting married to and achieving young ones with. Please can you advise me because its been actually negative to my psychological state. I am really down and attempting to imagine We’m delighted so my partner does not understand.

In answer to Confusion by Nikki

Additionally confused

Hi, we have always been 30 yo plus in a similar situation. My expereince of living we thought I happened to be directly. I’d no fascination with dudes at all as an adolescent but I remember thinking girls were therefore therefore stunning but due to just just how women can be portrayed inside our culture I was thinking it had been completely normal to give some thought to all of them the time. I was thinking it was comparison/admiration only. I would personally stare at breathtaking girls during my class, heck, I also kissed girls in college and thought it abthereforelutely was so excellent that girls could still do this and be right! At long last had my crush that is first on man in university and wound up becoming their GF at 21 yo. I will be nevertheless we recently got engaged with him today and. I enjoy him a great deal, he is my closest friend, and simply as you if i will be to obtain hitched and possess young ones with a person, he could be anyone i might wish to accomplish it with. Nonetheless, it constantly stressed me personally that i did not enjoy intercourse. I assumed I happened to be most likely some type of asexual until recently once I found myself working together with a co-worker that is new We positively adored being around her. We were constantly and she made work therefore enjoyable. I had no concept I actually fancied her or until I felt butterflies in my stomach looking at her one day and realized I had a thing for her that I was even not straight. She had a GF and I also demonstrably have always been involved so nothing but flirting ever occurred. Eventually, she got job offer somewhere else which left me experiencing therefore lost. It’s been so very hard, I have actually such shame concerning the crush, about my sexuality, traumatized from the way I did not recognize I becamen’t directly until this late in life and I also’m additionally being forced to cope with lacking her while trying to prepare a marriage as well as everything that is pretending okay to my fiance whom We reside with and so the only time I’m able to cry about this all is in the center for the night as he’s asleep. He understands one thing is incorrect because We have withdrawn from him a lot but we keep shrugging it off as COVID related work stress which he appears to accept. We oscillate a great deal between determining to phone the wedding down and being released or residing in the wardrobe and going ahead with all the wedding. As if you, i am afraid that when this really is just a expression due to this crush that i shall have abandoned every thing We have. In addition, I don’t have plenty of buddies, because my entire life, in the rear of brain, i’ve constantly experienced quite not the same as other folks thus I have not been proficient at keeping friendships for a period that is long. Therefore in addition to my partner, we just have actually an added buddy from childhood (who introduced us to my fiance) and my siblings. My moms and dads are excellent but my loved ones is fairly conservative and wouldn’t be accepting of me personally being released especially since they are all therefore stoked up about the marriage. After which there is my childhood buddy, also if I were to come out are really high, I would have literally no support system though she has a gay brother, I have always felt she has a prejudice against gay women and also she is really good friends with my fiance so the odds of me losing everything. I’m so trapped and I also have no idea what direction to go. I am simply hoping that I am bisexual and never lesbian and therefore this can all disappear completely and I also’ll start to feel more into my relationship once more.

Depressed and anxiety

I arrived on the scene to my loved ones in the age a 24 I becamen’t prepared and I also don’t have the help system i wish I really could of had, therefore in my own anger and pain forced my family away thus I would not get harmed once again, im 28 now i isolated a whole lot im constantly crazy and reliving my betrayal during my mind we’m yes we haven’t entirely accepted myself and would the same as any suggestions about the things I must do

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