The creation of the cadet corps in Tsentoroi also partially solved the problems

The creation of the cadet corps in Tsentoroi also partially solved the problems

since 1992. It was then that two

component – federal and regional.

The first is the items that should

study all schoolchildren throughout Russia,

the second – lessons specific only to

this region. Since 2000, new items in

curriculum can be contributed by management


On April 10-13, 2007 the IV Interuniversity Conference of Young Scientists will take place in St. Petersburg.

Registration before February 1, 2007

Submission of materials before February 2, 2007


A regular meeting of the regional council for implementation was held in the Samara region

priority national project "Education"… Council members discussed

prospects for a competitive selection of the best teachers for monetary

encouragement and educational institutions introducing innovative

educational programs for state support from the federal budget in

within the framework of the national project in 2007.

Last year, an active part in the work of the competition commissions

representatives of regional public organizations, which made it possible to ensure

openness and transparency of all selection procedures.

As reported "Togliatti news", this year the winners of the competitions will be announced,

first conducted within the framework of the national project "Education" in 2006. So, in April

a regional rating of innovatively active educational

institutions of the province, in May – lists of the best teachers, and in October – a talented

and gifted youth.

It is planned to begin deliveries of buses and educational and visual equipment in April,

purchased with federal budget funds, to educational institutions

Samara region.

At the federal level, the legal framework has undergone a number of changes.

The procedure and criteria for the selection of educational institutions that introduce

innovative educational programs. Therefore, schools that want to accept

participation in the competition for 1 million rubles, should be active today

prepare for this procedure and prepare all the necessary

documents. And in March, submit them to the regional competition commission.

In addition to all areas of the national project implemented last year, in

In 2007, two new ones are envisaged. From May to June this year will be held

competition among institutions of primary and secondary vocational education for

obtaining government support. The corresponding grants will be awarded

from July to September this year. The second innovation is a competition among subjects

Of the Russian Federation, introducing complex projects for the modernization of the system

education. Its results will be announced in March.


School essay competition "My land Vyatsky" held for the second time by the Vyatka

Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of the Governor of the Kirov region. The

the youth project is designed to develop a sense of patriotism and pride among school leavers

for his "small homeland", respect for spiritual and cultural traditions.

This year, over a thousand schoolchildren from Kirov took part in the competition.

As the correspondent of reports with reference to the news agency "Haze",

according to the results of the district stage by specialists of the Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining

educational workers selected 90 essays, which will take part in the struggle for the title

the best in several nominations.

The topics of the essays are interesting and diverse: the history of the small homeland and their family, beauty

native nature, the fate of outstanding fellow countrymen and contemporaries, the shrine of the Vyatka land.

In 2006, within the framework of the project "My land Vyatsky" the organizers also made a decision

about the regional competition of photographic works. Results of the school essay competition

"My land Vyatsky" will be announced at the end of February this year.

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Cadet corps opened in Chechnya

As RIA Novosti was told in the press service of the government of the republic, in a military establishment

50 children will be trained. "School conditions are almost the same as in other institutions

of this type in Russian cities", – noted in the press service.

Ramzan Kadyrov told RIA Novosti that in the future it is planned to create several

similar establishments. "The creation of a cadet corps in Tsentoroi also partially solved the problem

youth employment", – he said.

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On April 10-15, 2007, Moscow University will host the International Scientific

conference of students, graduate students and young scientists «Lomonosov-2007».

Its goal is to develop the creative activity of students and graduate students, to attract

them to solve urgent problems of modern science, preserve and develop a single

scientific and educational space, establishing contacts between future colleagues.

The unified form of electronic registration will work from January 25 to February 28, 2007.

Details and registration

UFA, January 14. President of Bashkiria Murtaza Rakhimov signed a decree on the approval of the republican

presidential youth program for 2007-2010, providing for further improvement

youth policy in the republic and solving complex problems in the field of education and social

formation of young citizens.

As Rosbalt was informed in the press service of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the main goal of the program

is the creation of conditions for intellectual, moral and physical development, social

activity, economic independence of youth in the region as a strategic resource

socio-economic development of the republic and civil society. Also, the program aims

to prepare young people for large-scale participation in public life, mobilization of potential

for creative participation in the life of the republic.

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At the end of January, the first regional conference will be held on the basis of the A.N. Konyaev Tver College

"The role of student government in the secondary school in increasing competitiveness in the labor market"…

The organizers of the student forum were the board of directors of secondary specialized educational

institutions of the Tver region and the committee for youth affairs of the region. The conference is

a kind of continuation of the camp of student activists "Step into the Future"who worked

in October 2006. "Six months later, the time has come to take stock of the students of colleges,

what have they done in their educational institutions", – explained "Tver life" in the youth committee.

The conference will include a plenary session, as well as "round tables" and seminars on topics

"Student self-government in the system of state youth policy in Tverskaya

areas", "Student media", "Preparing student leaders

self-government", "Trade union student movement", "Coordination of development activities

student government in the secondary school"… The seminars will analyze the experience of

bodies of student self-government, determined the general trends of its development. Besides,

the conference will summarize the results of the regional student media competition, as well as

general recommendations for the development of local self-government in the secondary schools of Tverskaya


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In February – March in the Krasnodar Territory, municipal and

zonal rounds of the regional festival-competition of student creativity. In them

students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions will take part

Kuban, said a spokesman for the regional Department of Culture.

According to him, "Russian student spring in Kuban – 2007" will be dedicated

70th anniversary of the formation of the Krasnodar Territory.

"The festival in Kuban has been held since 1999, and has already earned the fame of

large-scale in the south of Russia", – said the representative of the press service. He also

added that the winners of the competition will become participants in the All-Russian festival

student creativity "Russian student spring – 2007"…

The organizers of the festival-competition are the Committee for Youth Affairs

Krasnodar Territory, Department of Culture of Krasnodar Territory, Department

education and science of the Krasnodar Territory.


January 15 Military Space Academy. Mozhaisky (VKA St. Petersburg)

together with a number of Russian universities must submit to the Ministry of Education and

science of the Russian Federation its innovative educational program for the competition within

national project "Education"…

More details

Mosenergo JSC announces in 2007 another open competition for the best graduation project

on natural and technical sciences of students of Russian universities.

Diploma projects or their special part (in rare

exceptions on the proposal of the leadership of faculties and institutes may be submitted

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